Cluster Committee Administration

The cluster is a coordinated approach for regional development that is supported by the adventure tourism and ecotourism community and financially backed by the Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation. Hosted by Tourisme Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the cluster does not have a formal legal structure. Instead, the administration of the cluster operates according to the principles described below.

The Cluster Committee

The cluster committee must ensure the management of the cluster and take all the means it deems appropriate in order to assure the implementation of the action plan. It is the cluster committee that conceptualizes the vision and development of the cluster of excellence. The committee meets four times a year and any organisations within the cluster’s scope may participate in the meetings.

The co-chairs of the cluster committee oversee the committee meetings and support the work of the cluster’s director while ensuring that the vison and development are respected.

The Cluster Working Committee

The cluster working committee is made up of volunteer companies and organizations that want to further invest in the cluster’s developmental process. The working committee advises the director and assists in the preparation of important projects pertaining to the cluster.

The Cluster Director

The cluster director’s role is to mobilize, plan, coordinate and ensure the implementation of the various projects and activities in the action plan.